Crystal Park

Crystal Park Legacy is an entrepreneur-led acquisition company which seeks to acquire and manage a high-quality family enterprise between State College, PA and New York City.


Investment Philosophy

We are focused on partnering with owners to acquire a business that aligns with our investment philosophy.

Owner Situation

We seek to partner with owners whose goals and interests align with this profile.

  • Wants to retire or pursue other endeavors
  • Does not have a succession plan in place
  • Wishes to see a future owner continue the legacy
  • Open to staying involved for a reasonable transition period
  • Open to flexible transaction terms

Target Company Profile

We seek to acquire companies whose profiles align with our targeting criteria.

Financial Performance

Between $2M – $10M

$300K -$1.5M
>15% EBITDA margin

Positive cashflows last 3yrs

Business Details

  • Recurring revenue
  • Low customer concentration
  • Engaged employees & managers
  • Unique intellectual property
  • Low ongoing CapEx requirements

Preferred Industries

  • Business Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Financial Services
  • Niche / Light Manufacturing
  • Home Mobility
  • Materials
  • Marketing
  • Printing


A unique business requires a unique buyer who cares about preserving the owner’s legacy. Our approach is geared toward buying a company that will mean as much to us as it has to its current owners and their families.

Below is comparison of how we differentiate from the approach and focus of others who may show interest in buying your company.

Strategic Buyer (Your Competition)Private Equity (Investor-Focused)
Buyer CommitmentHigh
We will take on the leadership roles of the previous owner(s)
Portions of the company will be absorbed into a larger entity
Company will be one of many in a larger portfolio
Acquisition FocusWe strive to preserve the company's legacy, work with existing team members, and grow the company organically and through future bolt-on acquisitionsIncrease financial performance by buying the competition to achieve “synergies” through eliminating redundancy and cutting costsPursue aggressive cost-cutting in order to achieve target returns for investors within a specified timeline
Time HorizonLong-Term
We are focused on creating long-term value for the company and its stakeholders
(often immediate change)
(3-5 years)
OversightWe will be the dedicated owner and operator of the company supported by our advisorsCorporate bureaucracyInvestment teams and investors
Funding Source(s)We bring personal capital with access to patient equity and debt capital in addition to SBA 7(a) financing.Corporate assets and/or debtPrivate fund investors
Transaction StructureWe aim for a simple and flexible transaction structure oriented toward a win-win to fit the seller’s interests and goals while enabling us to execute growth strategies and build value.Minimize purchase price and structured to protect the corporationRigid and complex to comply with fund investment mandates and achieve investor target returns
Importance of Employees & ManagersThe company's people will be a critical aspect of our acquisition and growth strategy.VariesVaries
Seller’s Role / ExitWe are open to flexible arrangements with the seller(s) which could include ongoing involvement, a consulting role, or a full exit.Some transition / future involvement, or full exitSame or more involvement with additional responsibility and reporting requirements if a partial exit, or full exit
Company LegacyWe aim to preserve the company's and the owner's legacy and enhance their reputation with customers and the communityLikely firings and loss of company legacy due to the focus on retaining valued assets from the purchasing companyPossibility of firings due to focus on streamlining operations and cutting costs


We conduct ourselves in a manner that is transparent and respectful of everyone’s time each step of the way.

Step 1

Initial Contact & Establish Mutual Fit

Step 2

Share Information & Visit Company

Step 3

General Agreement on Terms & Price

Step 4

Letter of Intent

Step 5

Confirmatory Diligence

Step 6

Finalize Transaction & Transition

Where We Invest

We are regionally focused on acquiring a company between State College, PA and New York City, but are open to the right opportunities beyond this region or those that are relocatable.