Crystal Park

Crystal Park Advisors is an entrepreneur-led advisory services platform which combines business acumen, technical expertise, and a broad network to support companies across industries and disciplines.

We have a decade of Big 4 consulting experience serving top private equity, venture capital, alternative asset management, and family office clients – and their portfolio companies.

Expertise you expect from a top consulting firm.

Agility you need to achieve measurable outcomes.

Our Clients

We serve two distinct client types and are structured to meet them where they need support and results. 

Businesses & Organizations

We work directly with businesses and organizations by collaborating with their leadership and existing teams to solve important problems. We can augment an entity’s workforce to fulfill existing job functions or we can step in to design, plan, and execute project-based engagements.

We also advise on vendor or specialty services evaluation, selection, and engagement in order to help our clients save time and maximize the value of technology and consulting spend.

Strategy & Management Consulting Firms

We work with top consulting firms by augmenting their workforce to support their short-term and long-term client projects. We are positioned to support consulting practices where an outsourced model may be part of their resourcing strategy. This can include those who have highly seasonal businesses or unpredictable demand for their services. 

We can plug into engagement teams from the start of a project or mid-flight to provide the continuity and quality of service their clients expect, particularly in situations involving workforce turnover or subject matter expertise shortfalls.   

Our Approach

We understand that unique business problems require specific and tailored solutions.

While we consider our technical and business acumen table stakes for the clients we serve, we differentiate ourselves in three domains:

  1. How we think
  2. How we bring out the best in people and functions
  3. How we apply our expertise in our clients’ environments

We implement a principles-based approach to identify problems, design and develop a plan for resolution, and execute to deliver results.

Methodologies and approaches we draw upon when delivering our services include:

  • Design Thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • 1Lateral Thinking
  • Socratic Method
  • Benchmarking
  • Expected Return Assessment

Our Services


We believe winning strategies promote alignment throughout an organization and enable teams to execute.

We take a holistic view of business problems to reconfigure constraints and develop winning strategies.

Our services:

  • strategic planning
  • corporate & business strategy
  • business development strategy
  • innovation & IP strategy
  • marketing strategy
  • product strategy
  • talent strategy


At the core of who we are is our focus on creating long-term value and supporting entrepreneurs and organizations through times of transition.

We not only identify opportunities for operational improvement and value creation, but we also design, plan, and execute to produce measureable results. We aim to evidence the impact of our work through tangible and measurable results, though we are adept at producing slide decks and written reports when those deliverables are warranted. 

Our services:

  • business process design & improvement
  • vendor selection & coordination
  • project management
  • governance insights
  • business development
  • corporate finance & development
  • negotiation insights
  • change mangement


We have a deep knowledge of valuation techniques, purposes, and uses relevant to companies at all stages, from early-stage startups to mature companies. We have an understanding of the key players in the valuation space.

We know our clients’ core businesses do not necessarily revolve around valuation, so we help them navigate the end-to-end process of engaging with specialists who perform valuations every day to obtain valuations that are fit-for-purpose and make economic sense.

Our services:

  • ASC 820 valuation support
  • 3rd party valuation liaison
  • data gathering & coordination support
  • market research & analysis
  • internal valuation insights
  • transaction / liquidity readiness insights

Innovation & Intellectual Property

We help our clients create value through their innovation efforts and capture the value of their processes and intellectual property.


We provide structure and discipline to facilitate innovation within organizations. We balance this with the need for unstructured collaboration and creativity to foster an environment that enables serendipity.

Our services:

  • opportunity assessment
  • innovation strategy
  • ideation
  • cross-segment collaboration
  • opportunity selection
  • innovation implementation
  • change management
  • results measurement

 Intellectual Property

We provide direction to our clients on how to develop, protect, manage, and monetize their intellectual property in order to create long-term value.

Our services:

  • IP strategy
  • external counsel coordination
  • IP portfolio insight
  • IP commercialization
  • transactions & licensing insight
  • valuation


We help our clients at all levels of their organizations related to their people and prospects.

Our services:

  • leadership development & coaching
  • talent identification & recruiting
  • candidate screening & interviewing
  • role development
  • team building