Providing present value to this generation.|Creating future value for the next generation.


Investment platform supporting the startup ecosystem through opportunistic financing solutions and strategic involvement


Advisory platform providing expertise, insights, and a broad network to position businesses to achieve successful outcomes


Acquisition platform seeking to buy, operate and grow family businesses to carry on legacies and create long-term value

Who We Are

Crystal Park Group is an entrepreneur-led investment and advisory platform focused on creating long-term value and supporting entrepreneurs in times of transition.

Why We Exist

To provide present value to this generation for the opportunity to create future value for the next.

What We Do

We support entrepreneurs and create long-term value through 3 core pillars:

1. Crystal Park Ventures

2. Crystal Park Advisors

3. Crystal Park Legacy

How We Work

Our values drive how we work. We work on opportunities and with those whose values align with ours. 


Respect the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of giants.


Take ownership. Take initiative. Pursue integrative outcomes.


Question conventional and unconventional thinking.


Reconfigure constraints. Create and connect dots. Think laterally.


Align with and be considerate of those impacted by our business.


Understand when to be the mentor, when to be the mentee, and that being both is a requirement.